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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Magento Websites | Magento eCommerce | Magento Web Design

Magento proves itself as powerful eCommerce CMS from the day one, and become very popular choice from our clients

Magento Websites

We love new technology, and our designers have been actively involved in various open source projects from the day one, from, DNN, Magento and so on. This gives us unique knowledge we can offer to our clients, or in other words, instead of being experts in one or two fields, we will listen what you want to achieve, and we will know what is be the best platform for you. By this way, all our websites are straight-forward, cost-effective, long-lasting, easy to maintain, and with the perfect conversion from your visitors to your costumers.

That was the case with developing Magento eCommerce websites from 2008 (when platform was launched). Magento proves itself as powerful eCommerce CMS from the day one, and become very popular choice from our clients.

Why we are making this introduction?
Well, because we want to make some points which we find extremely important, and we know that are very underestimated.

1. Conversion to sale - some websites (eCommerce sites) needs hundreds of hits (or visitors) to make the sale. That is way to much for our understanding; therefore, we target with our work visitors that will come to your site for the right reasons.

2. Keeping the visitors and costumers - first time visitors, in just few seconds, tend to decide should they stay or leave the site. Our motto is very simple: every visitors is important, and consequently, with the right design, we tend to keep your potential costumer on your site.

In our opinion, that is the main point of good quality eCommerce site: right visitors who will stay on the site, and purchase the products and services.

Now, in the picture will come up all the benefits of good quality eCommerce Magento platform, which will, on one side, offer visitors easily navigated and understandable online shopping experience, and on the other, offer you all the benefits of high quality automated back office, where you will be able to organise payments, invoices, shipping, marketing and promotions and so on.

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What are the benefits of Magento website?

  • Magento is an open source
  • Easy to add and manage the content/products
  • Multi store compatibility
  • Great for e-commerce
  • SEO friendly
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