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Saturday, November 25, 2017

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DNN Social – integrating communities with your website
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DNN Social – integrating communities with your website

Digital marketing strategy has become a necessity for businesses these days as they strive to interact more effectively with customers across various channels. One part of the strategy is to have presence on popular social networks, but another is to build your own community around your website.

And this is where DotNetNuke comes into spot with a recent release of DNN Social, a solution that gives businesses the ability to easily create and manage communities on their existing websites. In turn, the end-users get a platform for consuming content, exchanging ideas and interacting with other community members.

Businesses that implement DNN Social can more effectively control the customer conversation as it takes place on a corporate website instead of third-party social sites like Facebook or Twitter. Additional benefit is that a thriving user community can help reduce support costs, drive product innovation and increase sales and brand awareness.

DNN Social comes with a number of social features that will help increase digital marketing, customer support, product development and e-commerce. These features include:

Gamification - Enables you to reward customer interaction with reputation points, special privileges and recognition based on activity and contribution.

Data Analytics - Powerful data analytics and reporting enables site managers to access user-friendly interactive dashboard which shows metrics based on users, groups and all user generated (and user-shared) content.

Ideation - Enables you to solicit feedback and collaborate with customers to gather insights on ways to improve products and services. Crowd-sourcing ideation enables faster and better innovation and creates a sense of belonging and brand loyalty for customers.

Q&A - Enables site administrators to provide crowdsourced knowledge management, in which community members contribute valuable answers and support.

Blogs and Discussion Forum - With blogs as a proven mechanism that increase community engagement and boost traffic to website, DNN Social includes a completely re-written blogging tool. Discussion Forum opens the opportunity for personal interaction with other community members to provide community support, enable ideation, and increase customer stickiness. Both Blog and Discussion Forum are completely integrated with the activity stream.

DNN Social is built on the DotNetNuke community platform and pre-configured to integrate seamlessly with your web CMS. Later meaning that our web development team can undertake projects of implementing DNN Social for clients that have a need for online community interaction and engagement on their website.

If you would like to find out more about DNN Social and how it can benefit your business, you can sing up for webinar taking place today at 4pm GMT when Will Morgenweck, Director of Product Management, DotNetNuke Corporation, will give a presentation, or watch one that's been recorded.

Image: DotNetNuke

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